Baltimore Coin Club

Oldest Continually Operating
Coin Club in Maryland

Calendar of Events

Here you will find the schedule of club events; both the special events and the bi-weekly thematic presentations. There will also possibly be links to the presentations is some of the author's provide the information.


Upcoming Topics in 2016-2017

    Date Presentation Topic
    Jan 19

    Two cents and Silver three cents - Sandon Cohen

    Feb 2

    CN 3 cent pieces and 20 cent pieces

    Feb 16 SHielf Nickels - Bill Stratemyer
    Mar 2 Presidential tokens and medals - Bryce Doxon
    Mar 16 Liberty Nickels - Bill Stratemyer
    April 6 Annual Spring Dinner at Pappas's
    April 20 Buffalo Nickels - Keith
    May 4 Jefferson Nickels - Keith
    May 18 Half Dimes - Sandon
    June 1 Bust Dimes - Sandon
    June 15 Barber Dimes - Sandon
    July 6 Mercury Dimes - Keith
    July 20 Roosevelt Dimes - Keith
    Aug 3  
    Aug 17